HyperSpace Ubisoft launched a replacement game

Ubisoft launched a replacement game quite quietly I told you about it this morning you are like what does one talk about I do know about games you’re gonna tell me a few new games you were very upset about.

it’s called hyperspace and it is a battle royale game and that I gotta admit I hopped on Twitch okay and that I booted up a few streams during this game and it looked I kind of got me going got you riled up he might have I may need been riled up because you recognize I prefer future the futuristic look first of all look
at this guy within the photo mm-hm so you

know I prefer the futuristic look everything’s about Battle Royale immediately and it’s fast the gameplay is simply you’re jumping around maybe but they are not quite flying but there are these massive jumps and there are these boosts and speed that you simply can move kind of in every direction with and other than that we were trying to pin it what is it most like well it is a battle royale so it goes into that category of games but it isn’t quite it’s not for tonight it’s not warzone we were thinking it’s kind of on the brink of apex, huh but then the weapons and therefore the quite a phantasy element feels more like overwatch yes but that’s not a battle royale game so it is a real mash from these things but I’m most excited for the action that fighting mechanics and

the futuristic vibe that’s where my angle does now, in fact, this is often they’ve they have some quite interesting approaches very similar to we were talking about one plus off the highest of the show you quite strategic strategically leaked the thing touch you’d rip it not leak it that is the new word you’d rip it because it’s intentional yeah it didn’t get out accidentally you only dripped a touching piece of it so that they partner up with certain streamers.

I believe T foo was one of the primary people to be streaming it I feel was this morning and he had like 50,000 viewers consistent with this text and I was watching a few other streamers so you decide on you get the small groundswell going did something similar than people want it and that they all cheque in and
then they get the sport at a later date so some people are playing it immediately I assume the overall public can’t get it immediately but it’s promising it could be a subsequent big battle royale hit what does one think will do it have what it takes Ubisoft behind it they’re fairly they’re kind of an enormous developer yeah they’re backed by an honest company it’s promising it’s supported the screenshots and you’re gonna provides it an attempt okay very well.

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