What is Shopsy by Flipkart? How to use Shopsy for beginners

What is Shopsy by Flipkart App?

Shopsy by Flipkart is an online earning app created by Flipkart, which is designed for reselling products. With the help of which we can earn money online in exchange for a commission by sharing any of Flipkart’s products on our WhatsApp, Facebook, or Instagram. The amount we can easily transfer to our account.

Buy online Fashion, Beauty, Mobiles, footwear, and accessories at the best prices and earn money on every order with Shopsy.

How to earn money from Shopsy by Flipkart App.

Shopsy is a platform provided by Flipkart where you can simply log in, create an account, and start earning online. Browse through the list of products in Fashion and other categories, and buy whatever you like for yourself, your friends/family, or acquaintances.

Once you place an order on the Shopsy app, the product is delivered to the address, and the margin for that order (after the return period of your order is over) is credited to your Shopsy account which you can access with a single click. You can easily transfer to your bank account.

How to use Shopsy by Flipkart App

Follow some easy steps to earn money online using Shopsy.

  • Step 1: Download/Browse shopsy app
    1. Install the Shopsy app on your phone with the help of PlayStore or AppStore. ( Click Here )
  • Step 2: Login/SignUp
    1. If you already use Flipkart, then login to shopsy app from your flipkart account.
    2. If you are a new user then open a new account through your mobile or email id.
  • Step 3: Share products and receive orders
    1. Share products – Share the image of that product on your social site like Facebook, whatsapp and Instagram, which you want to earn money by selling or your friends, family and relatives have to buy some things, they also send the picture of the product to that order. You can get your commission.
    2. Order – You can easily earn money by ordering the products bought by you or your family at shopsy aap by flipkart.
  • Step 4: Add Bank Details and Earn Money
    1. Open Shopsy app – Go to Earning -Add Bank Details
    2. Earn Money – At the end of the return period, the margin (commission) of the order will be added to the shopsy wallet and you can deposit it in your bank account in one click.

Once you or your contacts find something you like and place an order on the Shopsy app. Then your order is delivered by Flipkart and the terms and conditions of Flipkart are followed.

Where and how to do Product Share.

Before using Shopsy by Flipkart you must be thinking that from where and how we will get the order. We will tell you how to reach the shopsy product to your audience. For this, you will first need a Facebook, WhatsApp, or Instagram account, with the help of which you can reach your targeting audience sitting at home and start earning online.

With the help of these social sites, we can take orders from our audience after seeing the details of the products sitting at home, we can create groups on our social site as a story, add shopsy products and place our first order and first. You can start earning online.

In this, we can add our margin to the products according to our passion or earn money online by working on the margin or commission given by the shopsy.

How to Order Deliver?

Once the order starts coming to you, then you take their address from your customer and add that address to the shopsy app and then confirm the order.

That order will be processed by Flipkart and delivered to your customer. If the customer returned any product, then the Flipkart logistics partner comes and takes that product return from them.

How to transfer Earning in Shopsy by Flipkart.

In the Shopsy app, we can transfer our earned money online very easily. For that first, we will need a bank account in which we will transfer our online earnings.

To transfer earnings, we have to open our shopsy by Flipkart app, in that we will get an earning option, click on it, in that we will enter our Belling address and Bank account details. After a few hours of adding all these details, we will be able to deposit our money in our account in one click.

Products Quality

At Shopsy you get access to over 150 million listings from Flipkart in categories like fashion and quality (Saree, Kurtis, Dresses, Tops, Shoes, Shirts, Trousers, Kids Wear and more), Beauty, Mobile, Home, and more. provides. The largest selection you can find than any other platform in India and also available at attractive wholesale prices. From a wide range of Kurtis and sarees to home and kitchen products, Shopsy is your shopping destination.

Trusted sellers – Shopsy ap has over 1 lakh trusted Flipkart assured seller base which has built up over the years to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Other Benefits of Using Shopsy.

Easy Returns/Refund Policies – Don’t worry if your contacts are not satisfied with the product. Shopsy’s easy return/refund policies will help you resolve the matter.

Safe and Secure Payment Options – To place orders, choose from easy payment options like cash on delivery service (COD), debit card, credit card, net banking, or UPI enabled PhonePe.

Reliable Customer Support – Here any of your problems are easily resolved through call or SMS. Customer care number – 1800 309 9898 can be contacted on Email Id – support@shopsy.in.

Stay Updated On The Latest Shopping Trends – If you don’t know what to share with your contacts and how to grow your online business? Go to the Shopsy app and go to the Learning section and know which products are in trend. Which will help you to do your online business more easily.

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11 thoughts on “What is Shopsy by Flipkart? How to use Shopsy for beginners”

  1. Shopsy is a shopping app by Flipkart that lets you shop from your phone. It’s a great app for beginners because it’s easy to use and has a lot of features.

  2. I love Shopsy! It’s so easy to use and makes shopping so much more fun. I’m a beginner and it’s been so easy for me to figure out.

  3. Shopsy is a shopping app by Flipkart that lets you shop from your phone. It’s a great app for beginners because it’s easy to use and has a lot of features.


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