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And we talk about how you make a budget gaming PC. How to build a budget gaming system, within a budget how to select gaming PC parts.

  Either you are going to build a new or used system by the way generally it has been seen that budget is a relative term, like 2 million may be in the budget for some on other hands 2 thousand maybe budget for others it only depends on your affordability.
                    So Friends in this article I will try to explain things most simply so those people who are new to PC gaming find it useful or those who have a piece of limited knowledge of PC gaming parts in this post as a reference we will talk about a system in the lowest possible budget that can give us 60 fps at 1080p resolution comfortably in most common playable games like Dota 2, pubg pc, pubg pc lite, Fortnite & GTA, etc.

So while making a budget PC in parts selection either going for new parts or used ones take care of the following things: First of all Parts should be of Low cost, then they should be easily available in the market, and their resale value should be good so that if in future you want an up-gradation there should be no problem to sale these parts! other than games this PC should be good at doing other
tasks like office work, video editing, etc and most important parts should be in good warranty period If you have plans to upgrade your PC in the future make sure to purchase a motherboard that can accommodate upcoming or latest processor So in this post as a reference budget PC we will talk about all
new components, so first of all talk about all those components required for gaming  PC are: Processor, RAM SSD for data, power supply motherboard and computer case on other hand graphics card will be optional in this build, the reason for this will be told at end of this article.

First talking about processors so in this budget build we are using Processor AMD Ryzen 3 3200g that has a builtin VEGA 8 Graphics processor with 4 cores and 4 GHz boost speeds you can play low intensive games like CSGO, Fortnite, DOTA, etc. at 1080p with smooth FPS, in the package you will also get included CPU cooler that doesn’t include with most new processors nowadays on Amazon its price is  Rs-8500-9200 INR.

Now we talk about motherboard, so we are using ASUS EX-A320M Gaming AMD Motherboard that in budget with Ryzen 3 support gives good gaming features like DDR4 rams support at 3200mhz and for a graphics card, there is a dedicated PCI-Express x16 slot available. On amazon, its price is  Rs – 5650 – 6300 INR.

while in RAMS we are going to use XPG ADATA GAMMIX D30 DDR4 8GB (1x8GB) 3200MHz  8 GB ADATA  is a reliable and trusted brand and giving DDR4 at 3200mh and 8 GB memory almost fulfills the requirements of every game. these rams are priced on amazon for Rs – 2720 – 3150 INR. Corsair and Gskills RAMs can also be considered that come in budget and are reliable brands.

Now friends talking about storage devices so in a gaming PC having SSD is considered a must so that games loading times should be as minimum as possible in our build for windows and our games we are going to use WD Green 240 GB 2.5 inch SATA III Internal Solid State Drives (SSD), that price for just Rs – 2550 – 3199 INR on that in 240 GB capacity is a perfect price,

Now we are going to talk about the most important and most neglected component Power supply. that mostly while making budget PC we prefer that despite we have purchased a completely new system we try to put a branded Power supply or a cheap local build or a repaired Power supply that’s our biggest mistake! that’s why always prefer a Power supply from a reputable and in warranty and if possible buy a brand new one. if you try to save money by buying a local or repaired Power supply your system will be always at serious risk of malfunctioning That’s why in our budget gaming system.

we are going to use Artis 500 Watt Super Silent Gaming PC SMPS / power supply that only in Rs – 2100 INR gives us useful features like 70% High-efficiency protection
for graphics card PCI-E Ready for compatibility with NVIDIA and ATI/AMD Redon graphic cards, Longer DC Cable Supports PSU-BOTTOM-SET Cabinets and voltage protection that will help protect your PC in extreme voltage fluctuations, and above all, it includes 3 years limited warranty.

Now we will talk about the PC case, so we need a PC case while remaining within the budget that is low in cost provides good cooling features, easily accommodate graphics cards and at some extent, it should be good looking too that’s why for this budget build I’ve selected.

CHIPTRONEX MX2 RGB Mid Tower ATX Cabinet USB 3.0 with RGB lights that in only at Rs – 2099 – 2999 INR provides all of these ideal features So friends this system will cost you almost Rs – 24800 – 26000 Indian Rupees and on this system on 1080p resolution at 60 fps you can play most of the famous games also including here that in this system reason not to use a graphics card was that we have used.

Ryzen 3 3200g processor has a builtin VEGA 8 GPU obviously while remaining in budget gaming you have to sacrifice high resolution and ultra graphics but with this system adding graphics cards like
Asus GT710 2GB GDDR5, Gigabit GT710 2GB GDDR5, and MSI GT710 2GD3H LP DDR3 Gaming Graphics Cards you can achieve ultra graphics & high resolutions.

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